It is always important that whenever you are moving that you plan early enough for the move. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything when it comes to the actual moving day. The key to a successful move is always early planning. If you do not want any surprises when moving make sure to always have a plan at hand ready for execution. This will also ensure that you do not lose anything when moving your belongings. It also guarantees that you reach your destination without any hitches and safely. Proper packing also ensures that you have everything in place so that you can label them according to the category they belong to. This also helps in saving space hence saving you money when moving. Here are some packing tips which will help you when moving.

Early Planning is the Key to Successful move.

If you are thinking about moving it is wise to start by planning early. Make sure that you have a packing plan so as to ensure that you move is successful. This also enables you to get enough packing materials with your before you start packing your belongings. When you have enough packing materials is when you should start packing. Segment each packing in stages so that you can be organized. The recommended time frame for you to start packing is always four weeks to the moving date. So take your time when packing so that you and sort through your belongings and know exactly where each item can be placed.

Inventory your belongings

Make sure that you take inventory of your belongings so that you can know exactly what you have. Take notes on the items in your house before packing so as to get a description of each item. You can also have visual aids such as pictures so that you can know what those boxes contain. It is important that you do this in stages so as to ensure that you do not overlook anything in your house.

Take note on difficult items to move.

It is important that you know which items in your house are difficult to move. This should be done when taking inventory of your stuff. These items may include:

  • Breakable items such as glasses
  • Mirrors
  • Electronics
  • Large items
  • Antique furniture
  • Fragile items
  • Perishable goods

It is important that you have a packing plan for these items as well. These items should not be handled without any experience as they can be damaged. It will also simplify your moving as you will know how to handle such items. If you are having difficulties moving these items, you can contact us for help. We will give you solutions to help you move them.

Purge you belongings

Always make sure to sort through your belongings so as to get rid of anything which you do not require. If you are like any other ordinary person you are probably a hoarder and this means that you have more than you require. You can get rid of any unnecessary belonging by having garage sales, donate them or dumping them as trash. This will reduce the number of boxes you have which will translate in a faster move.

Organize your belongings.

Few weeks to your planned move make sure to organize your belongings according to the categories they belong to. Take your time when doing this so as to ensure that everything is in order. You do not want a situation where you are trying to locate an item meant for the kitchen and finding it in the bedroom.

Get enough packing materials

You will need to get enough packing supplies before you start packing. This will ensure that you are not distracted when you finally settle down to start packing your stuff. You can do this in stages and according to where the belongings are located. You can start in the living room and work your way to the bedrooms. Here is a list of packing supplies which you may require when packing:

  • Tissue paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Labels
  • Markers
  • Packing tape
  • Boxes

Label all boxes

Devise a labeling system which will work for you. You do not want a situation whereby you have misplaced your belongings. So make sure that your labels are clearly marked, this will ensure that when unpacking you can deliver the boxes directly to where they are expected to be.

Do laundry

Make sure that you have done your laundry days before your move. You do not want to move with dirty laundry to your new house. You need to clean anything which was being used such as toys, blankets and cloths. This will ensure that you transition is smooth and without any hitches. You can have a different bag for the dirty clothes which have been worn that week.

Use all perishable and unmovable items

It is important that you use up all perishable items before your move. When they get finished do not restock on them. This also goes for all gas tanks as well. Moving them may void their terms of warranty and you do not want to do this.

Mark which boxes to open first

Set aside boxes which you require to open first so that you can load them last. These may include important documents and food.

Get your essentials packed in a convenient bag

Always make sure to have all essentials packed in a convenient place where you can easily access them. These include toiletries, food and clothes.